vrijdag 16 november 2012

The start of our journey

We decided to go for a anonymous donor because we dont want the interferiance of a third person and so we had alot of conversations about what kind of qualitys the donor should have and fortunately we think alike and are ready to registrate.

These are the registration steps we have to go trough:
Registration: The waitinglist is around 9 months and after that we will be invited for a intake interview. During that intake interview we will have a conversation with the physchologist for all kinds of questions like : intensions , how your going to provide , how your going to deal with reactions of your surrounding etc. This is a standard procedure
for the physchologist to make sure that we thought about this big step. Crazy because with a "normal" male - female relationship
you never hear those questions but anywaysss

Next step is picking out the donor. We share our preferences and with this information they will look for the right
match and they will give us a option between three donors, because it is a anonymous donor we cant see a picture but a
person profile with all the information from hair color to intelligiance score etc. 
After you picked your donor the insemination starts and the waiting begins.